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QuickFire SubStation is a family run business that is dedicated to serving the best quality food at a fair price to all. We are also a part of COAC II, LLC, with it's national purchasing power we are assured of competitive pricing on our food orders. Whenever possible we use fresh foods prepared locally and purchased from local sources , the exceptions would be if it would compromise safety or quality . You will find a blend of traditional and cutting edge foods on our menu, we encourage you to be adventuress. We truly want you to enjoy what you eat at QuickFire Sub Station.


PorkChopSubSample Pork Chop & Cheese Sub This Could Become Your Favorite

Grilled Subs

You have a choice of Meats, Cheeses and Toppings on all of our Grilled Subs. Normally we grill your meat selection with sweet peppers & onions , topped with your selection cheese. Your sub is then toasted and completed with the appropriate toppings. Of course, you have your choice of final toppings.

Meats used in our Grilled Subs:

Steak Subs- Solid Steak meat (not pressed meat) is thinly sliced to insure tenderness and full flavor.

Chicken Breast Meat - Thinly sliced solid breast meat seasoned and sauteed perfectly.

Pork Chop Meat - Fresh pork loin cut into thin strips to insure tenderness and full flavor.



ColdCutsFinest Brands for Best Flavors

Cold Cut Subs

Our Cold Cut Subs are made on toasted sub rolls and assembled with choice of meat , cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion with oil & vinegar dressing unless instructed otherwise. You also have your choice of Mustard, Mayonnaise if desired as well as other condiments.

We use top shelf cold cuts & cheseses from the major brands.



BeefWeckBeef on Weck Slow Roasted Beef Sliced Thin on a Weck Bun with Au Jus



Specialty Subs

Our Specialty Subs are made from tried and true recipes; some are family favorites others are borrowed from other regions of the country where they are favorites. In all cases they are made with care , attention to quality and good taste. For example our Beef on Weck is very popular in upstate NY, we copied the recipe, the cooking methods and ingredients to make what we think is a first rate knock off !





When viewing our wrap selections please remember that all of our Cold Cut Subs can be made as wraps and we encourage to try them. We are particularly proud of our signature wraps. Our wraps are made with your choice of spinach, wheat or corn tortillas and pressed to give them a great toasty flavor and texture.



Soup&SaldSoup & Salads


Soups & Salads

Our soups are made in house, from scratch with the very finest ingredients. We think you will enjoy their goodness!

If you enjoy salads then please indulge yourself, we make them good, we make them fresh and we have our special sauces for a new twist!


Dinner & Lunch Platters


Dinner & Lunch Platters

Select dishes Made fresh to order from the best ingredients . Available in our generous Lunch and Dinner portions served with appropriate sides.






It has been said that "we make the best"

Made fresh to order - Our flatbreads will be sure to please . Feel free to customize Yours , if we like it we may add it to the menu!